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Coaching and Advisory

Authentic Leadership for Everyday People

My mission is to empower my clients to be their true selves in every sphere of their life. This comes from a fierce belief that being authentic is more than the key to a happier and more fulfilled life: it is a top driver of performance. Leaders with a deep understanding of their own values use that clarity to make decisive and effective choices in difficult circumstances. And resonance with one’s values and mission empowers anyone to find their inner leader.  

That said, it takes more than vision and authenticity to navigate successfully today’s environment. This is why my approach integrates almost 30 years of business leadership experience across industries and disciplines, co-active training (the gold standard for coaching), and mental fitness training to achieve peak performance.

Executive Coaching

How do you create and implement a vision of leadership that is more expansive? How do you create an environment where everyone on the team can shine and contribute to the best of their abilities, bringing their best self?

Personal Career Coaching

How do you define success to live a fulfilled and authentic life, in and outside of work?


Marketing Effectiveness

I am a strategic data-driven marketer with a deep expertise in digital execution.I believe that at the core of every purchase decision, whether it is a consumer decision or a business to business decision, is a combination of brain and heart. There is a rational, practical need that has to be met. And there are emotions, feelings about how that need is met, and what that purchase decision says about the person or the organization. I partner with brands to help them find the right buyers for their products and services. And I help buyers feel good about their purchase decision.

Strategy and Planning

Digital Execution

Measurement and Analytics

Organizational Readiness


Dino Cattaneo

Managing Partner


For almost 30 years I developed and executed successful strategies in multiple disciplines. As a digital marketer, strategy consultant, investment banker and c-suite executive in a private-equity backed company, I partnered with leaders across different industries in companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50. More than the deep knowledge in different areas, what has helped me succeed are my ability to bridge that knowledge to bring together different point of views, and my deep understanding of people and what motivates them.


My representative clients include APCIA, Berkshire Partners, Best Buy, Castle Harlan, Comcast, Deloitte, GM, ING, Inside Tracker, Iron Mountain, JD Power & Associates, Kronos, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Progressive, Royal Caribbean.


Humble but confident, thoughtful but practical, not afraid to tell the truth. I take my work seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously. What drives me is helping others succeed through understanding people and their motivations. Passionate about bridging different points of views within an organization and aligning interests to ensure execution.

Disciplined about maintaining the same strategic rigor and process no matter the size of the company. What changes is the level of investment and the intensity of the supporting activities, which need to be scaled to the financial goals and resources of the specific company.


MBA from Harvard Business School and a Master of Science in Economics from Universita’ Bocconi.

Certified Professional Coactive Coach.

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